easy EASY

You can form a UK Limited fast and easy.

business-meetingThere are many providers but nobody who is cost efficient and just easy.

And because EINFACH Limited works easy we can make easy offers.

We have offices in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in very centralized areas but we only pay parts of the rent of other providers for big office space. This is one of the reasons for our extremely cheap prices.

In addition you dont need to jump on a plane to be able to use our services. Instead of employing many expensive people we forward your order online to Companies House, and this is speeding up things so much you believe it is magic.

We form your company usually the same day we receive your payment and in most cases your new company is incorporated the same day (without charging an „express-service“ like other providers).

Incorporation with Companies House results in an immediate limited liability as small as one EURO or one British Pound.

This is one of the reasons a UK Limited is very efficient to limit the business risk (also suitable for owning an online business).

However, if you want to structure a new partnership a UK Limited can achieve very positive results in handling.

If you want to clarify the status of a commercial enterprise a UK Limited can be used to set things straight.

Because EINFACH Limited is just very easy.