Easy Nominee

011 Einfach Limited provides nominees in a very easy and cost efficient way.

With a nominee agreement we close an extensive contract stating all rights, duties and obligations.

The agreement will be kept close to the public. Nobody will know about it as long as all parties dont violate the rules.

We guarantee each director and/or shareholder does not behave he or she would not be responsible for the company.

There are many situations in business a nominee agreement is very useful.

Should you be interested to learn more about this subject please contact us or ask your questions.

In any case you will be able to order a nominee HERE, -one full year for the director or the shareholder is charged with an amount of EUR 148. Should you want to utilize a director together with shareholder this amount is being reduced to a package price of EUR 288.

By the way: You can appoint us as a trustee even if you have formed your UK Limited not with us but with any of the many other providers.

With us changing the director and/or the shareholder is very easy. All you need is the so-called „AuthCode“ of your company and to order and we make certain everything moves fast, efficient and legally.