Now directly from EUROPE!

Do you need to form a company?

We have made the process of incorporating a company extremely fast and easy..

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of Dollars in your own country you can have a company incorporated in the UK and conduct business elsewhere.

To achieve this you dont need to fly to the UK or even Europe.


You just need to give us some information about yourself and the name of the company you want to form

We form your UK Limited usually the same day of receiving your payment and in most cases the company of your choice is registered the same day.

Registration with Companies House generates an immediate limited liability to an amount as small as one US$.

Thus a UK Limited is the perfect choice to reduce risk in business.

If you want to form a partnership it is also an easy and effective way to conduct business and earn money.

A United Kingdom Limited Company is able to conduct business worldwide without any borders.

It does not really matter where you reside and which nationality you have. A UK Limited can be used worldwide to conduct any business, and if you dont want to act as a director or shareholder of the company yourself we will provide nominee directors and/or shareholders very inexpensive.

….. UK Limited Company Formation is now very easy.

EASY secure. EASY affordable. EASY good. EASY Limited.