You need certified copies from UK Companies House?

If you

  • are fluent in English
  • are in posession of a credit or debit card with sufficient credit

you can order the necessary documents without any problems yourself, and here are precise instructions how to do so:

Call UK Companies House on +44 303 1234 500 and tell them you need certified documents for your company. You will have to quote company number and name.

Companies House will advise you about standard services and a more expensive express service. Our experience shows express service does not provide real advantages. If you order with standard service documents sometimes arrive in the same time frame as express services.

Once you are happy to order they will ask for your credit card details and they will ask you the following:

  • number
  • valid until
  • CVC
  • name of the person holding the card

Once you have submitted this data you have to tell them your postal address

In most cases within 1 week you will receive the documents by post.

Another possibiloity to get certified documents is not possible.

Fi you dont speak English or dont have a credit card you can order with us online.

To oder certified documents means we have to call Companies House on your behalf and pay for it by card.

Companies House will debit our card and send us or directly to you the documents.




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