It is probably quicker and cheaper to form a limited company in the UK than anywhere else in the world.

The company formation process can be completed entirely online and without any paperwork. All UK limited companies have to be registered at Companies House. The incorporation process involves submitting the necessary information to Companies House and waiting for them to process and approve it. They normally take 1 working day (24hrs) to process an application

This service includes


    • Ready To Trade Company Limited By Shares (Ltd/limited)


    • Companies House Filing Fee Paid By Us


    • Emailed PDF Of Certificate Of Incorporation


    • Emailed PDF Of Memorandum & Articles of Association


    • Emailed PDF Of Share Certificate(s)


    • Emailed PDF Of Minutes Of The first meeting of Directors


    • Emailed PDF Of Statutory Books


    • PSC Register – A New Legal Requirement


    • Free Online Company Manager to Maintain your Companies


    • Free Online & Telephone Support For The Life Of your Company
    • Web Authentication Code To Update Companies House Records

After having placed your order we will send you a link to an online form where you can enter the name and details of your new company. Once you submit this information back to us the incorporation process will start immediately and the company is incorporated within 24 hours to UK Companies House.




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