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You can form the traditional English LTD with us (including all HR fees and including one year UK address) for € 99


The LLP is a limited liability company in which the individual members also have limited liability. This legal form is suitable for law firms (management consulting, tax consultants, lawyers, etc.) and also costs only € 99 including English address

UK LTD by Guarantee

Some competitors mistakenly refer to this type of company as "foundation limited" because it is supposed to promise the founder an even greater limitation of liability. The formation of this legal form costs EUR 348 including all reports to the commercial register.

Filing Accounts

In most cases (when you are working with your company from overseas), your company will not operate in England, and therefore has to be limited in scope for tax purposes. If this is the case we will be able to file on your behalf so-called "zero message" for a price of € 99.

Filing Confirmation Statement

This is an annual one-time submission to the electronic report to Companies House, which includes all the data of the Company. If you do not want to deal with this then we will file this report on your behalf for a price of € 65.

Nominee Services

Starting with an annual amount of € 148, we provide trustees for management and / or shareholders. The package costs an amount of € 288.The opening of bank accounts in Germany and / or England is possible.

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If you can manage your LTD yourself then save everywhere. Already from an amount of one time € 99 you are able to act.


We watch your deadlines for submission to the commercial register and send you accounts and reports. This makes sense if you only speak the English language with difficulty and otherwise have too much on your mind to take care of it yourself.

Prime Limited

We take over the complete fiduciary administration including the opening and management of the business account. This option is suitable for foreign companies that want to start their own branch in England at a reasonable price.

What our Clients say

“So far the best UK provider I have ever had. Service and Advice TOP! I will recommend you everywhere, also because of cheap rates. Five stars!.”
Walter Neumann
Company Director
“Easy and fast company foundation with bank account. Top grade!”​
Günther Richter
Company Director

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